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Larry DavHead shirtOnce upon a time I pitched Mike Portnoy (through his people) on doing a “Jew on Jew” interview and he turned me down, that persnickety bastid (the Jew on Jew concept did up yielding some fun interviews with Daath’s Eyal Levi [before he was an MS columnist], Genghis Tron’s Mookie Singerman and Orphaned Land’s Kobi Farhi). And here Metal Injection’s Rob Pasbani goes and inadvertently gets all Jewy with Portnoy on the Golden Gods black carpet — over who else, the hero of Jewish men everywhere, Larry David.

It’s all about the shirt. When I first discovered the Larry DavHead shirt last year I immediately bought 10 of them; shirts like this don’t come around every day, ya know? Rob and about 159 other Jewish metalheads I know also bought the shirt; it’s, like, possibly the best t-shirt in the history of ever. So when Rob donned the Larry DavHead shirt underneath his sparkly silver coat on the black carpet, Mike Portnoy was all over that shit like a swarming pack of flies. Watch:

MIKE PORTNOY = LARRY DAVIDClick Here To Watch The Video

Last post about the Golden Gods and then we’ll shut up about it… I can’t help that Metal Injection’s black carpet interviews are so damn entertaining. After the jump, a quickee with two members of Rammstein; unfortunately there were no cameras around when Till Lindemann was hitting on every piece of ass within a 2 foot radius, but the mental video I took will provide laughs forever and ever. Check out the rest of Metal Injection’s black carpet footage below the video here.

MIKE PORTNOY = LARRY DAVIDClick Here To Watch The Video

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