Saturday Song to Get Stoned To


  • Kip Wingerschmidt

SATURDAY TO GET WEIRD TOSATURDAY TO GET WEIRD TOLast night I was on the subway and smelled a distinct fishy odor.  Immediately I thought what most red-blooded American men would in that situation and looked around for, well, a less-than-hygienic female.  Instead I was surprised to notice that the small well-dressed Venezuelan man sitting next to me was eating a lobster tail.  An actual, full-on lobster tail.  And dude was crunching the shell with his teeth and slurping up all the fishy juice, all the while little bits of shell shrapnel flying about.  As he opened up the courier bag sitting on his lap to drop in the empty tail shell I couldn’t help but notice that he actually had an entire lobster inside (!).  WTF, I asked myself…  And when the guy drunkenly stumbled off the subway car I just had to remark out loud: “Weird.”

So I am honoring this bizzare weekend with a collection of videos featuring everyone’s favorite weirdo, “Weird” Al Yancovic.  Not the master parody-er’s famous song parodies per se, but rather his oft-underwatched joke interviews with superstar musicians.  First up are a few classics (Ozzy & Paul McCartney are ridiculous) and after the jump, Keith Richards, Michael Stipe, Eminem, and more.

Blackout in Brooklyn tonight, anyone?

These are dedicated to the absence of Juggalo Bob’s curly locks (RIP)…


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