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In a morning quadruple-shot of Revocation espresso, today we have not one but FOUR things to get excited about, all courtesy of Episode 1 of Revocation’s in-studio video report.

  1. A release date; Chaos in Forms will come out on August 16th. Jeez, we gotta wait three more months?
  2. An album cover; it’s a mini embedded in the video, but I took a screen cap of it which you can view here. It’s got skulls and fire and stuff. (side note: do Revocation have one of the sickest logos in metal or what?)
  3. NEW MUSIC! We get a good 15 seconds of a new song at the beginning and a good 30 seconds of another new song at the end of this video. The second bit gets my panties particularly wet; Dave Davidson solo, nom nom nom! I’m normally not one to get excited about song samples, but this is probably my most anticipated record of 2011.
  4. A bunch of entertaining footage of the guys recording Chaos in Forms in between said clips of new music. Not shown: the gallons of booze used as inspiration.

It’s interesting that with three months to go ’til record release these videos give the illusion the recording process is happening now, but when we saw the guys in NYC last December they told us everything was all wrapped up already, meaning this thing’s been in the can for nearly half a year. Also interesting is that second guitarist Dan Gargiulo — who joined the band as a “touring guitarist” for the MS-sponsored Metal As Art Tour in January of 2010 — recorded his guitar parts on this record, which is rad, ’cause I love that dude.

Stoked. Revocation will appear on an MS-sponsored tour with Forbidden, White Wizzard and Havok this Spring; get dates here.


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