SONIC SYNDICATE CAN HANDLE CRITICISM WELLSonic Syndicate’s Karin Axelsson. Apparently there are other people in this band, too.

I was recently made aware of this post over at That’s Not Metal, and holy God, did I laugh. In short, it’s all about a show Sonic Syndicate played in Worcester in 2007, and how horribly the audience reacted to them. They were opening for Amon Amarth as a replacement for Decapitated (it was just a few weeks after Vitek passed away), and they were booed right off the stage. It was hilarious. And you know how I know it was hilarious? I was there.

I saw the audience flip them off and then pointedly sit down with their backs to the band. But not before all joining together to do a pseudo-Cossack dance to show their, uh, condescension. Their lead singers very eloquently muttered a few half-hearted “fuck yous” before stomping off the stage like fussy little children.

I wasn’t surprised at the reaction they got. It was my first time seeing and hearing about them, and they strutted onstage looking like MySpace: The Band, and they sounded exactly like all that would entail. So, honestly, what did they expect?

Well, apparently they expected more, as they wrote a goddamn song about it! “Hellgate: Worcester” is all about how that town’s actions did not affect them or bring them down. Because acknowledging it and recording a song about it is exactly what someone who does not care would do. The post covers the very poignant lyrics, and is written by the man who started the mini-revolution himself, so head on over to That’s Not Metal hear his side of the story. I’m rather proud to be part of this very important moment in metal history.

And here’s the song itself:


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