Unsigned and Unholy



Murder Therapy - Malochian

It’s a death metal kind of day. Come with me and listen to new music by unsigned standouts Murder Therapy, Bloodsoaked and Priapus after the jump.


  • Murder Therapy: The next step in the evolution of death metal. Super heavy, super fast, new school DM that’s technical but not in the pick sweeps / weedily-weedily way you might think when you read the word “technical” in the same sentence as “death metal.”  Kind of like what Portal might sound like if you could actually hear their instruments. Download new album Malochian via Bandcamp for “name your own price.” [Thanks: readerFilip Johannesson]

  • Bloodsoaked: Death metal, fast and brutal, a little groovy, and not tech-death-y. One-man wrecking crew Peter Hasselbrack slows it down from time to time with elephants marching riffs and old-Morbid Angel-style pick scrapes, as seems to be the popular thing to do these days. Sure, plenty of bands do this style, but something about Bloodsoaked — who are actually signed to death metal indie Comatose Music — just sits right with me:

  • Priapus: More grindcore than death metal, but definitely on the deathier side of the grind scale; “it’s deathy-kinda grind, similar to bands like Nails, Maruta, Assuck, Nasum, etc.” according to band member Jeremy Shaffer. Again, the inevitable old-Morbid Angel elephants marching riff / pick scrap thing crops up, not that this is ever a bad thing. Their new EP Air Loom is available now at, where else, Bandcamp.


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