Tour de Force



The #1 Rule of Touring: bus/van breakdowns will occur.

The #2 Rule of Touring: duct-tape fixes everything. I know bands that bring rolls and rolls of  the stuff every time they go on the road, just in case.

Both rules held true for The Ocean on their recent MS-sponsored trek with Between the Buried and Me, on which pretty much every thing that could’ve gone wrong did go wrong, sometimes comically so. In the first video blog hosted by our bro-ceans at The Deciblog, Rule #2 — along with some critical thinking and problem solving — proves a great fix for Rule #1, but I have a feeling shit’s about to hit the fan in the next episode (knowing what we do about the events of the rest of the tour).

The Ocean Tour Vlog, Part I from Chris dB on Vimeo.

The #3 Rule of Touring, from the looks of things, didn’t apply to The Ocean in this case: no pooping on the bus. Probably a good thing; had someone been unable to hold in a dookie that old rickety wagon might’ve exploded.


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