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Does anyone like Threat Signal? I mean, someone must, right? Because they’re around. I assume they’re around because people are, like, paying to go see them and stuff.

And yet I have honestly never heard anyone say these words: “Hey, did you hear the new Threat Signal album?” Never. I just said them out loud, just so when I die I can say that one time, ONE time, I actually heard someone say those words. But now I’ve never heard anyone else say them.

ANYWAY, operating under the assumption that some people like this band, and that we have now amassed a significant enough readership that at least some of those some people probably read this website, I am posting this footage of the band performing a new song, “Fallen Disciples,” live. The footage shows people at the concert, further reinforcing my theory that there are people who like this band, even if I have somehow managed to go my entire life without ever meeting one.

Enjoy, some of you some people!


[via Metal Undergound]

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