Listen to “Hollow,” the Debut Single from Imonolith (Strapping Young Lad, the Devin Townsend Project, Threat Signal)

  • Axl Rosenberg

Correction: Jed Simon is no longer in Imonolith. He has been replaced by Kai Huppunen (Methods of Mayhem, Noise Therapy).

I really want to like Imonolith, the new band featuring Jed Simon and Byron Stroud from Strapping Young Lad, Ryan Van Poederooyen and Brian Waddell from the Devin Townsed Project, and Threat Signal’s Jon Howard. I have mad respect for 4/5ths of that line-up. But having now heard two songs from the project — last year’s demo, “The Reign,” and now their first official single, “Hollow” — I’m feeling pretty meh about the whole thing.

And honestly, it’s not even (solely) the fault of the one member of whose previous work I was not a fan (that would be Mr. Howard). It’s not like this song is one Devin Townsend vocal performance away from being great. I mean, it couldn’t hurt, but “Hollow” would still feel like an underwhelming metalcore song from 2006. It’s not the worst thing I’ve ever heard — shit, it’s not the worst thing I’ve heard today — but it’s just so… slight.

I dunno. Maybe I’m just too old for this shit.

Check out “Hollow” below. Hopefully you enjoy it more than I did. There’s still no word on when Imonolith plan to release a debut album, but “Hollow” is now available via the usual digital platforms.

[via Metal Insider]

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