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SATYRICON’S SATYR LAUNCHES… BLACK METAL WINE?What’s up with these black metal dudes turning out to be all refined n’ shit? First Gaahl launched a high-end clothing line for women, and now Satyr (né Sigurd Wong Raven) is apparently collaborating with Italian winemaker Luca Roagna on two variets of red wine, Rosso di Alleanza Nero Wong Raven 2009 and Unione di Nero Wong Raven 2006.

Says Swedish website From Beyond (excuse Google translator’s less-than-poetic interpretation of the original text):

“Black Metal Wine, now how can such a concoction taste? Blood and sulfur with the taste of metal and may, or may simply be the taste of sickness and musty decay you get on your tongue? This seemed so obviously important to sort out so I took home and ordered a bottle of Rosso di Alleanza Nero Wongraven2009 . What I can spontaneously say is that you, hoping that the wine would taste like hell will be disappointed.”

Then the guy goes on talk about the wine in greater detail, but I don’t actually know that much about wine so whatever.

The article does not include details on where one can order Satyr’s latest offering, but I’m sure enterprising fans can figure it out.


Thanks: Mick Stingley

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