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German grind merchants Vaulting have come along way since their deathcore-leaning, Street Fighter II-sampling early days (documented on this free 2007 demo). Over the course of two further EPs, Vaulting have grown more abstruse compositionally, while becoming more sonically potent – check the video they made for last year’s “We Are the Cavalry” for that rare tech-grind recording that sounds heavy and natural.

By the sound of this exclusive track “80 Gy” from their forthcoming album Nucleus, Vaulting have listened to a lot of Cephalic Carnage and Psyopus over the past year. The song sidesteps the silliness of the former and the crankiness of the latter, reaching for a place that tempers its spazzy fireworks with a unifying coldness of feel.

I’m guessing the title “80 Gy” means “80 Gray,” which is a specific dosage of radiation used to treat various cancers. That would fit with the album title “Nucleus” and roughly map on to the lyric “The back of the head already bald… It penetrates the skin, deeper, gilds the genotype” (that’s translated from the original German). As with all great grind though, Vaulting’s individual parts all merge into one big whooshing force.

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