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Marduk - Iron Dawn

Lotsa stuff happened over the long weekend while we were away, so yesterday we did our best to catch ya’llup. But Vic Vaughn would never leave you hanging, and as such here’s his take on all the new metal hitting the waves this week.

Autopsy – Macabre Eternal (Peaceville)
Death metal forefathers Autopsy formally announced their reunion last year, and after releasing the EP The Tomb Within later in the year, we now have their first full record in 16 years. If The Tomb Within is any indication, Autopsy have returned to a sound not unlike Mental Funeral, their release from 1991. Making old school death metal isn’t breaking new ground, but their return to their roots is worth looking into.

Dark Castle – Surrender To All Life Beyond Form (Profound Lore)
A new record from Dark Castle? This took me completely by surprise. After seeing them live and picking up a copy of 2009’s Spirited Migration, I became an immediate fan of this band. The Florida doom duo are a great band, live and on record, and their upcoming tour with Yob is one of the most-anticipated shows I’ll see this summer. MS scribe Sammy O’Hagar doesn’t see it quite the way I do; read his review here.

Death Wolf – Death Wolf (Regain)
During my research for this article I found out that Death Wolf were once called Devil’s Whorehouse. Then I listened to the music, and the connection was instantaneous. Imagine Danzig, just mixed in with more aggressive metal styles. The vocals are clearly primarily influenced by Glenn’s distinctive croon, and the instrumentals complement those well. Death Wolf are actually pretty awesome, albeit with their influences clearly showing on their collective sleeve.

Isis – Live 9.23.03 (Ipecac)
This summer, as a last hurrah to the Isis name, the band will release five live records with one being released every two weeks. 9.23.03 is the first release, and the last live record will come out at the end of July. The band is charging $5.99 per album, or $20 for the whole set.

Marduk – Iron Dawn (Regain Records)
A teaser EP for Marduk’s next record, the Iron Dawn EP delivers more of the extreme metal Marduk have been cranking out since their formation in 1991. The band’s last full-length, 2009’s Wormwood, was a ripping record of dark tunes, and both Iron Dawn and the upcoming full-length should deliver more of the same.

Melvins – Sugar Daddy Live (Ipecac)
The Melvins’ twelfth official live release is nothing new, as the band has released a few records since their merger with Big Business. This record relies heavily on the tracks produced after said merger, although there are a few re-workings of some older material. This is the band’s fifth live release since 2006, although it’s the first live release on Ipecac since 2006’s A Live History Of Gluttony And Lust.

Pagan’s Mind – Heavenly Ecstasy (SPV/Steamhammer)
Norwegian prog metallers Pagan’s Mind have completed their fifth album since their formation in 2000. Although I can dig their style of music, for some reason Pagan’s Mind never stuck out for me. This is their first release for SPV/Steamhammer.

U.S. Christmas – The Valley Path (Neurot)
USX’s new record The Valley Path is just one song. Fans of their previous output such as Eat The Low Dogs (2008) should eat up the prospect of U.S. Christmas delivering one long-form jam. Their take on heavier, spacier rock lends itself easily to this idea, and I’m salivating at getting The Valley Path as soon as I can.


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