I’m going to put about as much effort into this introduction as King and Hanneman put into writing coherent solos.

We’re actually gonna begin today with two videos that are really cool, before moving onto the total crap.

The first cool video — and the cooler or the two cool videos — is Amebix’s clip for “Knights of the Black Sun.” Sometimes it seems a bit literal-minded (when vocalist Rob Miller sings about time, we see a clock, when he sings about birds frozen in flight, we see a flying bird, etc.), and the storyline could have maybe used some more variation (there really are a LOT of shots of that flying bird), but the visuals are so fantastic that it ultimately doesn’t matter.

The next cool video we have today is “Takao,” the new clip from Chthonic (who, you may have heard, are on this super-duper awesome tour we’re sponsoring). It’s really, really beautifully shot, and doesn’t just look like the same-old-same-old. This is another fine example of someone doing something cool despite what I imagine were great budgetary restrictions, as opposed to giving half of that limited budget to your retarded cousin to make the video and spending the other half on pizza.

Click Here To Watch The Video

Next up we have Samael’s video for “Luxferre.” Honestly, the only reason I made it all the way through this video is because I was digging the tune. It’s not a bad video at all, but remember what I was saying about the Chthonic video not being the same-old-same-old? Yeah, that does not apply here.

Click Here To Watch The Video

It’s almost impossible for me to believe that Catalepsy’s video for “Bleed” is real. Other than the absolute worst fake movie punch I have ever seen in my life (thirty-eight second mark), there is not only nothing remarkable about this video, but there is nothing about it that isn’t hackneyed. It’s like someone went out of their way to make a terrible deathcore video. Seriously, vocalists, if your director ever tells you to do your parts while addressing some dude tied to a chair with a potato sack over his head, politely tell your director to drop dead.

If you have trouble sleeping tonight, feel free to come back and watch Hellfighter’s video for “Legacy of Hate.” I know I will!


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