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Pretty slow week in metal releases, seeing just some new releases from Queensryche, the bass player from The Faceless, and also some band called Limp Bizkit. Details on this week’s latest metallic offerings after the jump!

Evan Brewer – Alone (Sumerian)
The bass player from The Faceless releases his first solo album. The tunes were created entirely with a bass guitar, and the teaser clip posted online for the record sounds cool enough. The problem is keeping the listener’s ear using only the bass, which should present an interesting challenge.

The Francesco Artusato Project – Chaos And The Primordial (Sumerian)
The debut solo album from the guitarist of All Shall Perish sounds pretty awesome, judging from sound samples posted to the project’s Facebook page. Instrumental, shred-heavy, and melodic sum up the title track, and hopefully the rest of the record packs the same punch.

Isis – Isis Live III 12.17.04 (Ipecac)
The third live album of Isis’s five-album live collection. It sounds quite a bit like Isis.

Limp Bizkit – Gold Cobra (Interscope)
L. O. L.

Queensryche – Dedicated to Chaos (Roadrunner)
Prog metal veterans Queensryche return with their thirteenth album, and first for Roadrunner. This should be an interesting listen, as interviews regarding the record have revealed that it has “a great dance vibe” and the band uses guitars “in a more melodic sense.”

Rival Sons – Pressure & Time (Earache)
Playing an unquestionably accessible blend of retro rock and blues, Rival Sons definitely channel a different era of music, and are certainly a standout on the Earache roster. The band has a serious boogie to their rock n’ roll sound, and while nothing here is changing the genre, this record is definitely worth checking out.


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