I am not alone in my love of Germany’s Guano Apes, although it was 2000’s Don’t Give Me Names and not their 1997 debut that got me hooked. I must respectfully disagree with Sir GroverXIII of The Number of the Blog about the new Guano Apes album Bel Air, though: it rules!

Truth be told I didn’t even know Guano Apes had reunited and released a new album until I got a press release trumpeting the 1 millionth YouTube view of the video for the new song “Oh What A Night,” but there it is: the band that wrote the ridiculously catchy anthem “Big in Japan” is even biggerer in their native Germany. Bel Air hit the European market on April 1st via Columbia and June 21st in the U.S. via The End so it’s essentially already old news across the pond, but man, they picked up right where they left off with catchy alternative hard rock.

After the jump, the official music video for the groovalicious, new wave-y “Sunday Lover”:

Guano Apes are back, baby. Don’t Give Me Names was a huge album for me when I discovered it (around 2004), one of those albums you get super into that’s inextricably linked to a certain time and place in your life. I’d LOVE it if this band made it over here for a U.S. tour, as unlikely as that may be, so I could here just a couple of those songs live.


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