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SpotifyLast week I reported that Spotify would be launching in the U.S. The company instead launched a website soliciting email addresses for the trial, but didn’t actually launch. Until yesterday! AND IT IS THE BEST THING EVVVAAAARRRRRR!

While rumors fly around about how the service is “invite only,” that’s only half true: to use the free, ad supported model, as of right now you do need an invite. But if you’ve got a mere 5 or 10 bucks per month to plop down for motherfucking unlimited streaming music ANYTIME ANYWHERE, Spotify is yours for the taking right now! Do you people understand the significance of this? Music consumption will never be the same.

I signed up for the service immediately, and it does not disappoint! A few observations:

  • The interface is super clean and very iTunes-like, but faster.
  • It is fast. Searches appear almost instantaneously, and a “smart search” box in the upper right makes it easy to find the albums and artists you’re looking for.
  • Spotify automatically loads your iTunes library into its own interface so you don’t have to jostle between apps, and marks such files with a small itunes logo (music note) on the far right of each iTunes track.

The $10/month version works on your computer and mobile devices and features the highest quality audio, while the $5/month version only works on your computer and has lower quality audio. Is there anyone on earth who wouldn’t fork over $10 for this? I think it’s one of those things where the $5 version is there just to incentivize you to move up to the more expensive one. I haven’t tried the mobile version yet because my iPhone’s Wifi has been acting wonky lately, but rest assured I will.

So what are you waiting for? Go sign up now.


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