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As part of our coverage of this year’s Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival – currently winding its way through North America — we’re bringing you a series of “Rigged” columns in which several of the tour’s musicians take you on piece-by-piece guides of their current live rig setups. Check out what Machine Head’s Phil Demmel had to say about his super-sweet rig last week and what Unearth’s Buz McGrath uses in his current live set-up. Hatebreed are only appearing on three dates of this year’s tour, August 5th through 7th in Chicago, Detroit and Indianapolis. Here’s guitarist Wayne Lozinak on his rig:

What’s up MetalSucks readers? This is Wayne Lozinak from Hatebreed, and this is my live set-up.

I use Jackson Soloist and Gibson Les Paul Custom guitars. All are equipped with EMG 81 pickups in the bridge. The EMGs definitely give whatever guitar I’m playing a little more gain and output. They’re the best pickups available, in my opinion, for playing any kind of heavy music be it metal or hardcore. I use Dunlop strings and Tortex picks.

The signal goes from the guitar to a Shure ULXP4 wireless system, into a Boss TU-3 tuner positioned in front of my cabinet.

Shure ULX1P14

The signal chain then goes out front to my pedal board, which now consists of an MXR Wylde overdrive, Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor and an MXR Carbon Copy analog delay. I used to have a Zakk Wylde wah pedal, but it was only used for 2 songs that we hardly play live, so I took it out. The noise suppressor is always on. The other pedals are only used during the very, very, few solos or dive-bombs we have in our songs. Since we rarely ever use a set-list (Jamey just calls out the songs he feels the crowd will be into at that moment) I might not even use those pedals at all. But I need to be prepared just in case.

Next it goes into a Morley A/B box, which feeds two Marshall JCM 2000 (TSL 100) heads, which are plugged into four Marshall 1960 B Cabinets. Both heads are on at the same time. It gives me a more “full sound” on stage that way. Since no one uses in ear monitors in this band, we rely on the floor wedges and side fills. They change from venue to venue, so at least I’ll be able to hear my guitar through the two stacks!

Morley A/BMarshall TSL 100

So there you have it! Nothing too fancy. Very basic, simple set-up. Hope you enjoyed. Thanks for reading!

– Wayne Lozinak / Hatebreed

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