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When we spoke with Dethklok mastermind Brendon Small to put together the Rigged piece we published yesterday, Small gave us a little information on a new project he’s working on — a Brendon Small solo record. The existence of such a record has been known for some time — according to the omnipotent Wikipedia, anyway — but we got Brendon to tell us a little bit more about what the record has in store for us:

I’ve got a solo record that’s kind of outside of Dethklok that I did with [Dethklok drummer] Gene Hoglan and [Dethklok live bassist] Bryan Beller, who also played with Steve Vai. He’s an amazing bass player.

It’s got some double kicks and fast guitar, but it’s a little more melodic than Dethklok and the vocals are definitely more melodic. There’s more singing involved by me because I’ve got Dethklok to do the guttural kind of growly stuff. I wanted to do something that uses more melody in the vocals. The way I’ve been describing it is as a high stakes intergalactic extreme rock album with a lot of heavy metal elements. It’s pretty ridiculous but it takes itself dead seriously. It’s a concept album. If I do my job right it should sound like a big, ridiculous audio comic book in some way.

I don’t know [what it will sound like] musically, but thematically something like a Devin Townsend kind of thing. Yeah, kind of like a Flash Gordon meets Metallica kind of thing. I don’t think the music sounds like Devin Townsend, but in order to categorize it, something along those lines. It’s definitely different.

Woah! If there’s any dude that can pull off a “high stakes intergalactic extreme rock album” it’s Small, whose twisted brain has already given us the almighty Dethklok. We’ll keep an eye on this release and let you know if and when a firm release date develops.


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