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Pretty much the only good thing to ever come out of having Zilty express his barely-post-adolescent insecurity in our comments section was the discovery of Cormorant; longtime readers will remember that Cormorant bassist/vocalist Arthur von Nagel even ended up doing some guest blogging for us for, like, ten seconds. (You can read his three columns here.)

So I’m happy to tell you that Cormorant have completed work on a new album, Dwellings, and that that album is now scheduled to come out “mid-fall.” Vague and not entirely helpful information, but, hey, it’s a start!

And, unfortunately, that’s really all we know right now. But there is the below, not-terrific-quality video of the band performing the instrumental title track in San Francisco last summer, so that’s nice. Music sounds pretty cool, at least — not that that fact is a huge shock or anything.

And hopefully we’ll have more info soon.


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