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Three years ago, Cormorant’s frontman Arthur von Nagel left the band to pursue a career in video game design, which left many wondering what the band’s next record was going to sound like: would the band still be any good? Earth Diver proved that losing a founding member hadn’t changed anything, and that they still retained their sound even if the album veered off into some different territory. And now they’re back with Diaspora, which is another entry of world-shattering black metal.

Diaspora feels so magical! When I close my eyes, this album rips me away from my body and throws me into a world of chaos. The contrast between the depths of vocalist Marcus Luscombe’s voice and the lead work of guitarists Nick Cohon and Matt Solis brings together a body of sound that emphasizes each artist’s ability and role in the song, and there is much more of this juxtaposition between sound and styles within each individual track. There is so much beauty and so much intensity; soaring, clear melodies fly like birds only to be struck down with monstrous blasts like arrows. There are only a few long moments to collect yourself before the next onslaught comes, and it’s so easy to lose yourself in the storm that follows the calm.

On Diaspora, Cormorant have developed their skills and given it everything they had. It is passionate and rife with emotion, crafted with care and precision. It is art.

Diaspora will be released independently on August 11th. You can pre-order it here, and stream it below.

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