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Dead Channels

I’m going to put about as much effort into writing this intro as Axl does into writing his Cinemetal Round-up intros. All you need to know is that by clicking through the jump you’ll be making yourself privy to three excellent and varied unsigned bands.

  • Sentinel: Readers’ Choice alumni Sentinel are back with a new E.P. that’s available at a price of your own choosing via Bandcamp, even if said price is nothing at all (FREE!). Here’s how I described them last year, and I’m sticking to it: “Deliciously tasty death metal that’s equal parts Morbid Angel / Gojira-style rhythmic DM and Dying Fetus / Suffocation-style groove/stomp DM. But with a sense for great riffs that’s close to something like Decapitated or even Lamb of God.”
  • Tellusian: For fans of: Intronaut, Baroness, Mastodon. Plenty of proggy, stoned-out grooves (Intronaut), psychedelic breaks (Mastodon) and fearlessness with regards to using Major scales in metal (Baroness).
  • Dead Channels: Angry, aggressive metallic hardcore with a penchant for great songs and even better riffs. Equal parts Trap Them and Kvelertak.
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