There are many awesome things about touring. You get to see new places, make new friends, hang with old ones, get free booze (sometimes), develop sweet guns from lugging gear around (Seriously, you should see my biceps. I’m straight-up Amazonian by this point.), make a little money (sometimes) and, if you’re lucky, get to listen to bands you love play every night (or, barring that, make fun of the shitty opening bands who never got the memo that 1999 is dead and gone, and that ripping off Pantera isn’t nearly as great an idea as it sounded when they came up with it in their PBR-scented basements).

One of the things that sucks most about touring, though, is that you almost never have a moment to yourself. You have free time, sure, but you’re generally always in or around the company of your bandmates, road crew, or just, like, dudes. It’s tough to get a moment alone to sit down and write, but I always do my best to sneak off and get shit done. That being said, it’s been more hectic that usual this time around, and instead of gushing at length about the latest EP from Invidious or mourning the sold-out status of the live Blasphemophagher/Diocletian tape, I’m going to give you guys a peek into what I’ve been jamming these past few weeks on the road with Corrosion of Conformity and Clutch. Some songs are the result of Woody Weatherman’s DJing bouts, some are favorites from the sets I see every night, some remind me of home/loved ones, and some are just fucking rad.


CLUTCH – “Profits of Doom” (Blast Tyrant, 2004)


CORROSION OF CONFORMITY – “Loss for Words” (Animosity, 1985)


DOLLY PARTON – “Jolene” (Jolene, 1973)


CELTIC FROST – “Circle of the Tyrants” (To Mega Therion, 1985)


ALTAR OF PLAGUES – “Neptune is Dead” (Mammal, 2011)

HANK WILLIAMS JR. – “Whiskey Bent and Hellbound” (Greatest Hits, 1993)

  BARGHEST – “Mourning” (Barghest, 2011)


RIDE FOR REVENGE – “Death of the Feeble Masses”


THE ATLAS MOTH – “Coffin Varnish” (An Ache for the Distance. 2011)


KOLDBRANN – “Liturgi i Dissonans” (Nekrotisk Inkvisition)


NUX VOMICA – “Where Minds Can’t Grow” (Asleep in the Ashes, 2009)


MAMALEEK – “Go Into Wilderness” (Fever Dream, 2008)


Kim Kelly (or Grim Kim, if we’re being formal) scribbles for a number of sweet metal publications (Terrorizer, Brooklyn Vegan, Invisible Oranges, Hails & Horns, and tons more), promotes wicked records with Catharsis PR, and road dogs for your favorite bands. Keep up with her exploits & numerous band recommendations on Twitter, or peep her blog Ravishing Grimness.

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