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o.68 - Elend

Germany’s o.68 (short for Odpörovät 1968) make metal I could fall asleep to, and I mean that as a compliment. Sometimes I want metal to wake me up and sometimes I want metal to put me to sleep, ya know? If you were under the impression that gloom, doom and despair with growled vocals would prevent you from reaching dreamy-dream land, you probably haven’t heard o.68 yet. Their slow and soothing brand of funeral death-doom lulls me into a subdued state of relaxation and would have me dreaming of a mystical land of heavy metal vikings and princesses in no time.

While o.68 are technically signed to Ominous Silence, without the backing of a major metal label I feel they’re still a good fit for this column. Check out o.68’s new album Elend on Bandcamp; it’s good stuff!


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