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Last week, I actually enjoyed a Pathology song, “Media Consumption;” now, with the release of “Opposing Globalization,” I’ve actually enjoyed two Pathology songs. I dunno, maybe I’m just burnt out on the stuff I normally listen to, but this shit just sounds so rockin’ to me right now. I’m starting to think that the band’s new album, Awaken to the Suffering, is going to win them The 2011 Acacia Strain Award for Band I Least Thought I Would Enjoy As Much As I Do.

You can check out most of “Opposing Globalization” in the video below. I say “most of” because you’ll have to skip to the 1:30 mark, since for some reason, whomever made this thing decided to be super-irritating and put the first minute-and-a-half of “Media Consumption” at the beginning before having that song cut off abruptly (the track is actually 2:12 long) and then playing “Globalization”… which also cuts off abruptly. Really it makes no fucking sense whatsoever; it’s like a marketing plan designed by an idiot who didn’t know that YouTube videos are allowed to be longer than three minutes. Hopefully a full stream of the song will be available soon.

Pathology’s Awaken to the Suffering comes out September 13 on Victory.


[via The PRP]

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