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Opinions are like assholes; everyone’s got ’em. Opinions (and assholes) even differ here within the MS Mansion. Which is why it blows my mind when readers accuse us of being paid to post positively about bands/products. With so much public disagreement between MS staffers how would that even be possible?

But I digress. Stray From The Path. Yesterday Axl didn’t seem too impressed with their new song “Mad Girl,” and I can’t blame him; I don’t disagree with his reasons for not particularly liking the song. But I’ve listened to the full album from whence it came, Rising Sun, and on the whole I’m liking what I hear. I’m not completely bowled over with love for Stray From the Path, but I get what they’re doing and they’re doing it well; aggressive post-hardcore with big, punchy production, angular guitar riffs and shouted (not screamed) vocals. They remind me of Refused. While copying Refused isn’t especially novel these days, Stray From the Path get it right, and they also bring enough of their own ideas to the table to keep things interesting. If you like Refused you’ll probably like Stray From the Path too. They get my stamp of approval.

Rising Sun comes out on August 30th via Sumerian Records and is available for pre-order now.


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