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“WE’RE THE MEATMEN… AND NIRVANA SUCK!!”As the media can’t help but remind us, September marks the 20th anniversary of Nirvana’s Nevermind. Too many journos and players have spilled ink on this topic over the past month that I’m not even going to waste my energies doing the same. That record has been essentially IGNORED for half of its lifetime, and the commentary has been cheap and useless, so why bother?

Still, one can typically find a few kernels of corn in their shit, and indeed deep inside the crappy coverage lies the opinion of none other than Meatmen mastermind Tesco Vee, who had this to say on this momentous occasion:

In 1991 yours truly was about as far from the Pacific Northwest as one could be — physically, spiritually and, as it turned out, musically — in my little Washington DC abode. Needless to say I never jumped this Nirvana bandwagon, ’cause like an old salmon swimming against a torrent of Nirvana worship, I thought it blew. Now wipe that smug look of incredulity off your mug, it’s one man’s opinion here. The fact that Cobain was a self-absorbed and drug-addled putz who had very poor taste in women is neither here nor there. The fact that hair-metal rock pigs blame Nirvana for killing their musical careers — well I got news for them, their pathetic coke-fueled cock-rockin’ charade was already flopping around like a mackerel on the hot pavement, and if Nirvana did put that shit out of business — well at least they did one thing I liked!

Whoa, Tesco, tell us how you really feel! Incidentally, The Meatmen are bringing their sneering tongue-in-cheek hardcore punk a city near you next month. Tour dates are below.

Oct. 6 Indianapolis, IN Earth House
Oct. 7 Columbus, OH The Summit (21+)
Oct. 8 Sandusky, OH The Underground (18+)
Oct. 19 Pittsburgh, PA 42 St. Rock House (18+)
Oct. 20 Baltimore, MD Sonar
Oct. 21 Boston, MA* The Church (18+)
Oct. 22 Babylon, NY* Sinclairs
Oct. 23 Brooklyn, NY* Europa
Oct. 25 Myrtle Beach, SC TBA
Oct. 26 Jacksonville, FL The Pit
Oct. 27 West Palm Beach, FL Respectable St.
Oct. 28 Tampa, FL Brass Mug
Oct. 29 Atlanta, GA Vinyl (21+)
Oct. 30 Nashville, TN TBA


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