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Back in July, Dave Mustaine announced that he was bringing Gigantour back in 2012, and now, in an interview with Street Date (above – skip to the 3:00 mark), Mustaine claims that Megadeth will soon be touring with Motörhead, Volbeat, and Lacuna Coil “this year coming up.” That’s a pretty loose time frame ,so it’s not clear if he’s referring to Gigantour or just a regular Megadeth tour. Although, come to think of it, Gigantour hasn’t had a second stage since 2006, meaning it’s usually just been a four or five band package anyway, so, uh, I’m not really sure what would differentiate this from a “proper” Gigantour.

Whatever the case may be, that sounds like a pretty good line-up if you ask me. Mustaine’s suicide-inducing vocals aside, Megadeth can still bring it live, Motörhead is obviously Motörhead and can do pretty much whatever they want at this point, and although I continue to take endless amounts of shit for it, I really like Lacuna Coil, and not just because one of their members is easy on the eyes (I’m winkin’ at you, one of the two Marcos!). I really, really don’t like Volbeat, but Vince has seen them live and assures me it’s a completely different experience than listening to one of their albums, so I guess I’d be willing to give them a chance to convert me.

And in case those four bands alone weren’t enough to entice you, Metal Insider specualtes that DevilDriver could also be part of the bill, since there’s some evidence to suggest that, at least at one point, the band were going to be included on the new Gigantour. Although I don’t know why Mustaine would name drop those other bands and leave DevilDriver off the list… but if you added them to the group, then, yes, that package would suddenly be that much sweeter.

So now we get to sit here and play the waiting game until someone makes some kind of official announcement about this tour, if it’s really happening, and if it’s going to be dubbed “Gigantour” or just the Thirteen tour or what. You can start sounding off with your opinions in the comments section while we await actual news.


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