Hipsters Out Of Metal!




Recently I was at a recording studio to help a friend on this dude’s song. We wrote a new part and dude was struggling to sing it, so we adjourned to the smoking area. There, away from studio pressure, the two of us worked on it quietly. It was rough, but just as hope was about to be lost, this hipster lady popped around the corner, said she’d been eavesdropping, and basically took over teaching this dude to sing a simple but rangey part.

It totally worked and later she listed her awesome singing credentials, by which we were impressed. So I was like, “Do you record in this building too?” She giggled druggily at that, explaining that the porn production company she co-owns had offices down the hall. Cordially, she passed us stickers for their website, whose weird content combines banging, food, and food banging. She hung in the doorway just long enough to see our reaction to the stickers, all smiling as our eyebrows went up. Cool chick.

The moral of the story: You just never know what to expect, right? This story perfectly illustrates my approach to Spineshank, a reunited nu-metal band that shrieks a lot and uses lulzy electronics (= a food pornographer…), but whose hooks and riffs are awesome enough to overcome that stuff (…who’s also a pro voice coach). They don’t look like pros, but at least one of them must be! It was true in 2000 and it is true now! Srs if you don’t jam on their new song (above), you might suck at listening to music :)


Spineshank currently seeks a label home for Anger Denial Acceptance, their fourth album, for a 2012 release. 

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