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Few musicians will ever leave as lasting a legacy in the metal world as the late, great Chuck Schuldiner, whose singular vision manifested itself in the form of Death, a project which truly helped create and shape death metal for all time. On October 25, Relapse Records will celebrate this  this legendary institution with a reissue of Individual Thought Patterns, the band’s fifth studio album, now newly remixed by Death mastering engineer Alan Douches, remastered, repackaged, and featuring tons of newly unearthed and previously unreleased demo and live tracks. This version of Individual Thought Patterns is an absolute must-own not just for fans not just of of Schuldiner and Death, but of metal in general.

Amongst the plethora of awesome bonus materials included on the new reissue is an entire live set that Death — then consisting of Schuldiner, drummer Gene Hoglan, bassist Steve DiGiorgio, and guitarist Craig Locicero — performed in Germany on April 13, 1993. MetalSucks can’t even find the words to express how proud we are to be debuting the first song from that set, the classic “Leprosy” which you can check out below. Play it loud, play it proud, and then pre-order the Individual Thought Patterns reissue right here.

[this streaming promotion has ended]

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