I’m going to put about as much as effort into this introduction as Herman Cain does to sounding sane and logical.

We begin today with Machine Head’s video for “Locust,” which, in case the giant red logo in the upper right hand corner didn’t tip you off, debuted on Metal Hammer‘s website. The video ain’t too bad. The performance footage could maybe use some more oomph and I wish the Cronerbergian portrayal of what I assume is a locust or a locust-man had more payoff. Also the final apocalyptic shot looks not-very-convincing. But otherwise the depiction of the swarm is pretty friggin’ metal, and the song certainly rocks.

Next up is Trivium’s video for “Built to Fall,” which — again, in case you somehow missed the giant logo — first appeared on This may not be my favorite Trivium song ever, but I have no intelligent criticisms of the video, or, really, even unintelligent criticisms. It says “To Be Continued” at the end, but something tells me Matt Heafy will defeat the scary monsters in time for the next Trivium tour, so I don’t want any of you to worry, okay?

And we conclude this edition of “Cinemetal Round-Up” with TesseracT’s new video, for the song “Eden.” And, hey, this video is pretty cool, too! So I guess we’re three-for-three today, which is nice. I don’t think TesseracT meant to reference Duran Duran’s old clip for “Come Undone,” but they did inadvertently make me think of it, and now I’m mentioning it to you because the coffee hasn’t kicked in yet and well here we are. Should I shut up now? I’ll shut up now.


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