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In news that will shock no one who follows him on Twitter (or enjoyed the slow-but-brutal grooves on The Infection, for that matter), Chimaira vocalist Mark Hunter likes to smoke weed. And, like so many of us who enjoy herbal refreshments, Hunter has now had a run-in with 5-0. Last night he was arrested in San Antonio for possession; as a result, he missed last night’s Chimaira show, and keyboardist/fellow marijuana afficionado Sean Z. filled-in on lead vocals again.

Hunter seems to be in surprisingly good spirits about the incident, though, if the tweets he’s been sending out since his release are any indication:


MARK HUNTER WAS ARRESTEDAnd this is yet another terrific argument in favor of legalizing marijuana. The coke head who has just been arrested freaks the fuck out; the pot head is more or less completely chill and at peace with the world. Oh my Lord, what a dangerous drug! It makes people calm! IT MAKES PEOPLE CALM!!!!!!

ANYWAY, Hunter will re-join Chimaira tonight in Dallas; if you live in the area, I suggest you go see the band and buy a Chimaira t-shirt to help contribute to the Mark Hunter Legal Fund — or, at the very least, smoke the poor dude out. ‘Cause he’s probably dry right now.

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[via The Gauntlet by way of Metal Insider]

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