Hipsters Out Of Metal!


  • Anso DF

To me, dudes who write about music are heroes. And we metal listeners benefit from the largest number of heroically passionate and sharp writers, bloggists, journalers, and otherwise enthusiastics. My bad if that sounds self-serving or lame. But I think it’s harder to get good advice about non-metal; and it must be hard to cover product that’s supported by so much money and energy. So my hats off to bands who do good covers, helpful covers that kinda gateway metal fans to non-metal greats. And I vote we belatedly doff ’em to Lacuna Coil for their 2000 cover of “Stars” (above), the most popular but nowhere near most awesome jam by Dubstar. Now, I say we only go as far as hat-doffing because the new version first appeared on an EP (cough filler) and the original was biggish in Europe fives years earlier (motive). But hey awesome Cristina Scabbia (this track’s sole vocalist wink wink) does a great job, so high fives!


Lacuna Coil’s forthcoming sixth album, Dark Adrenaline, is slated for release on January 24. November UK dates here. Bonerz.

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