• Axl Rosenberg

I know there are people who got excited about James Durbin on account of him being “the metal dude” on whatever season of American Idol, but the fact that he was on that show is the very reason I never investigated his music. I hate American Idol so much that if Herman Cain or Rick Perry ran on a platform of promising to end the show forever, I would have to give serious consideration to voting for him.

And then Durbin went and stole some members from In This Moment (but not Maria Brink or the white dude with dreads, so fret not, In This Moment fans), and that was strike two against the dude as far as I was concerned.

Now his new video, “Love Me Bad,” has debuted on Noisecreep, and oh dear, is this guy ever terrible. He’s just a thinner version of the skunk that won Rock Star Supernova, isn’t he? I mean, I totally get how someone could like this if their mother and their sister are one and the same, but for those of who were bred in a wider gene pool, this shit ain’t gonna cut it.

Now let’s never speak of this douche again.


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