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How’s this for shitty timing? Just as Sylosis were poised to begin their first-ever U.S. tour, supporting As I Lay Dying, guitarist Alex Bailey breaks his wrist and will be forced to sit the whole tour out. We haven’t been able to determine how, exactly, Bailey broke his wrist — we’re being told he fell — but apparently he broke it in three places, so it’s a pretty serious injury.

Axl and I went to see a Sylosis headline show the other night in NYC — one of a small handful of dates leading up to the AILD support run — and while we thought the band looked a little funny up there with only three dudes and sounded a little funny with only one guitarist, we weren’t too sure because we’d never seen them before. Things became a little more clear when vocalist/guitarist Josh Middleton announced from the stage that Bailey had broken his wrist, and yesterday we were able to confirm the situation with the band’s publicist. Bailey made it to the U.S., played the first couple of shows, then broke his wrist. So the poor sap is here, in a foreign land for the first time, and he can’t even play to what are presumably some of the biggest audiences Sylosis has ever seen. I can only imagine how pissed and upset he is right now.

The band is seeking a replacement for Bailey, but no one has been announced yet. Perhaps a MetalSucks reader who attended either of the first two shows of the As I Lay Dying tour can fill us in?

For what it’s worth, Sylosis positively fucking KILLED it in NYC, even down a man. So tight. So good. Now also seems like a good time to plug the fact that I named Sylosis’ new album Edge of the Earth as my #12 most favoritest metal record of 2011… consider yourself plugged.


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