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There’s no sense in attempting to intellectualize why I like Shinedown so much. I just do, ya hear? I don’t know if there’s anything inherently better or smatter about Shinedown as compared to contemporaries Theory of a Deadsuck, Nickelsuck, Suckd and Suckturbed (even though I like to think there is), but Shinedown’s songs have just always had their way with me. They’re, like, really catchy and stuff. So there’s nothing guilty about my pleasure of reveling in the new song “Bully” by the best radio hard rock band in existence. Sure, the lyrics (as highlighted in the lyric video above) seem a bit juvenile coming from dudes well into their 30s, but at the least the message is positive instead of the endless whining and self-hatred peddled by other bands, and at least it doesn’t lean on a religious crutch for support.

“Bully” is available from iTunes and comes from the new album Amaryllis, out March 27th on Atlantic Records. Hopefully it’s as good all the way through as The Sound of Madness.

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