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Clint and Morgan

What do you get when you take the two most talented dudes in Sevendust and put them in a brand new band? Call Me No One, a new project set to begin recording their debut this month and release it this spring. No disrespect to Lajon Witherspoon, who’s a great vocalist and performer, but I never got the impression he was too involved in writing Sevendust’s music. John Connelly does his fair share of writing in 7D, but the Sonny Mayo era stands as proof that he’s not nearly as dynamic a songwriter as Clint. As for bassist Vince Hornsby, well, dude makes the stage faces of anyone I’ve ever seen, but songwriting contributions = unknown. It’s not exactly a secret that Clint and Morgan are the talent axis of Sevendust.

Is this the project that Clint’s brother Corey alluded to when I interviewed him this past November? Corey produced Clint’s solo records that were released under the Hello Demons… Meet Skeletons moniker and told me they’d be recording another one soon, only different:

Right after the Sevendust tour, me, Clint and Morgan [will] do some tracks for Hello Demons Meet Skeletons, so that’s going to be real exciting. This won’t be acoustic. It’ll be a lot more electric. I said to Clint earlier today “let’s just go in there and do what we’re going to do. Let’s have fun”. He’s already starting to write some stuff and get some ideas. We’ll do what we’ve always done, but this is going to be a little heavier, a little more progressive and certainly a different sound for HDMS for sure.

Either way, this is pretty exciting news for Sevendust fanboys like me. Loudwire cited a Tweet from Morgan Rose saying that Call Me No One would “absolutely” tour, but that tweet seems to have been removed.

BTW: Sevendust commences recording new album in June.


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