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Loincloth - Iron Balls of Steel

Here’s a question some of you have probably asked yourselves: what would modern-day Intronaut sound like if they’d kept on steamrolling forward with the unabashed heaviness of their earliest material? The answer, which will make fans of Null/Void-era Intronaut happy, is “just like Loincloth.” Don’t get me wrong — I happen to love the ethereal, post rock-y turn that Intronaut have taken of late (in fact it’s my favorite Intronaut of all) — but Loincloth happen to scratch a certain itch that’s been festering for a while, even going the extra mile by baking their stoner-death pie with a heaping tablespoon of Gorguts-style tight, churning rhythms. All this from an album stream on Pitchfork, of all places; let’s get another “amen” for Brandon Stosuy for ballsily showing hipsters whose only definition of metal is post-ironic-blackened-experimental-whatever that highly technical metal can be cool, too.

Stream Loincloth’s appropriately named Iron Balls of Steel below. The album comes out on January 17th via Southern Lord.


Loincloth-IronBallsOfSteel by EARSPLIT

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