Tour de Force



Thanks to various teases both in print and right here on this very website, we’ve known for sometime that our friends at Decibel were working on their very own tour; and given how awesome Decibel is, we expected that tour to be something pretty special. But now the line-up has been announced, and… WOW. We didn’t realize it would be this special.

The twenty-six date trek is going to be headlined by Behemoth, making their triumphant return to U.S. stages for the first time since Nergal was diagnosed with, and ultimately defeated, leukemia. And while that fact alone should definitely be enough to get you asking “Where do I buy my ticket?”, just to make extra-extra sure that this tour is unfuckwithable, support is going to come from Watain, The Devil’s Blood, and In Solitude.

And now I believe the words you’re looking for are, “HOLY SHIT!”

Speaking about the tour, Nergal himself said, “I’m thrilled… seriously, I am thrilled about the fact we are arriving to US shores again after such a long break. It’s a big deal for us.” Watain’s Erik Danielsson added the following:

“Finally a tour-package with a sense of purpose! One of the most important links between the bands on this tour is that they are all opponents of the stagnant and soulless atmosphere that the modern day music scene has been tainted with for so many years. A counter-reaction was bound to take place, and this tour is the fruit of that reaction.

“With this tour, the anxious heavy metal youth of today they will hopefully get a chance to experience something life-altering and historical instead of once again being disappointed by yet another hastily concocted tour-package. And by all means they do deserve it,considering the bullshit they are force fed.

“As for our own contribution, Watain is a band of constant movement and distortion, and as usual people will not know what to expect apartfrom a relentless attack of infernal euphoria and wild-hearted metal madness.”

The absolutely-cannot-miss tour is going to kick off in April; the complete itinerary will be announced this coming Tuesday, January 24, at the official Decibel Magazine Tour website. There will also be fifteen premium packages available in each market, which will include your ticket to the show, a tour T-shirt, a tour poster and a super-exclusive “Skip the Line” pass to move you to the front when doors open, which, if you’re an impatient motherfucker like me, is an A++++ idea. Better still, we’re told that the price of this package is less than you would spend on a ticket and a tour shirt at the show. AND, as if all that wasn’t enough for ya, every ticket purchased through Top Spin will come with a commemorative laminate, and all fans that purchase their ticket through Top Spin will be entered to win an ESP Guitar. So, yeah, get on that.

We’ll post the dates once they’re announced Tuesday; in the meantime, start getting insanely excited in the comments section below.


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