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As we mentioned last week, Guitar World recently roasted Zakk Wylde, and managed to snag a cavalcade of stars to help ’em out, including Rob Halford, Duff McKagan, Corey Taylor, Scott Ian, and comedians Brian Posehn and Jim Florentine. One dude who did not make an appearance at the event, however, was Jim Breuer, a comedian who, like Posehn and Florentine, has earned a reputation for being metal friendly over the years.

So why didn’t Breuer show up to join in on the fun? According to a recent appearance on The Opie & Anthony Show, it’s because he finds Wylde deplorable. It seems that a few years back, Wylde attempted to recruit Breuer to help him out with an idea for a television show which would have somehow combined rock and sketch comedy — and Breuer’s experience with the guitarist was exactly F WNDBWA. Some of the more charming behavior in which Wylde indulged while working with Breuer includes:

  • Screaming about “chinks” in a Chinese restaurant while his wife, Barbaranne, insisted she was concerned with protecting Zakk’s “image.”
  • Choking some dude with a chain.
  • Pissing on the windshield of his own truck.
  • Claiming to be sober when he is clearly anything but.

You can listen to Breuer’s entire story — which, really, if you’ve ever read anything about Zakk Wylde, is not at all surprising — in the below video, starting around the 1:47:40 mark:

In other Zakk/Roast news, our bro-bros at Metal Injection sent the always hilarious Johnny Orlando Jr. to cover the Red Carpet at the event. You can watch video of that coverage right here.


Thanks to the anonymous reader who sent this in!

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