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  • Gary Suarez

With Gingrich’s devastating Floridian loss, once again I feel justified for naming this hardcore festival news roundup column Pit Romney. Here’s what’s new…

PIT ROMNEY: SOUND & FURY MAKES A PEEP, THE RUMBLE RUMBLESDon’t sell the Midwest short, as Chicago-based fest The Rumble has declared much of its 2012 lineup, with classic headline acts Negative Approach and Murphy’s Law topping a bill with scene favorites Cruel Hand, Wisdom In Chains, and Harms Way along with curveballs like Coliseum and Sweet Cobra. Other announced acts are 100 Demons, Agitator, Beware, Everything Went Black, No Regrets, The Mongoloids, Rotting Out, Empire Of Rats, FocusedXMinds, The Killer, Argonauts, Rock Bottom, Wrong Answer, and Withdrawal. 2011 included big names like 108, Madball and the reunited DYS, so the pressure was on to match or top that and raise the fest’s scene profile. Also, this year its been moved up to April 27-28, with ticket info yet to be announced.

California’s Sound & Fury Fest let slip a little bit of fresh information this week, in a numbered bullet-style format.

1. The first band announcement will be made on April 3rd
2. Yes, there WILL be in’s and outs
3. Yes, there WILL be more food options
4. 3 day passes go on sale April 3rd (last year sold out so buy in advance)
5. There will only be one stage this year.
6. This is shaping up to be the best lineup we’ve ever had. Get excited.

Of course, there’s not even an inkling of which bands will be on the lineup, though given that the 6131 Records Twitter brought this update to my attention, I have to assume that label–whose roster includes CA locals Minority Unit and Rotting Out–will be represented in some capacity. As previously reported, the fest will take place July 20-22. Leave your motorcycles at home, assholes.

And lastly, here on the east coast, United Blood sold out all its weekend passes. The Richmond, VA fest opted not to sell individual day passes this time, which likely contributed to this success. The lineup hasn’t even been fully announced yet, though Agnostic Front and Ringworm are nothing to sneeze at. Nice one, guys. I take back all the mean things you think I said about you.


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