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My TV is inextricably tuned to the nerdiest of all channels — when I’m loungin’ it’s all about Discovery, Sci Fi, A&E, Animal Planet, the Science Channel, etc. My current obsessions are A&E’s scintillating artificial drama Storage Wars (Yuuuuuuuup!) of which there’s seemingly an endless pit of episodes, and Animal Planet’s Orangutan Island, a serial drama about a group of orphaned Orangutans living together on a 100 acre island in Borneo (seriously, check this shit out, they’re basically human!). A&E’s kinda been going off the deep end lately, though; their success with Storage Wars has seemingly emboldened them to scrape the bottom of the barrel of trashy, niche cultures with new shows like Shipping Wars and Pit Bulls and Paroles. Does anyone actually watch that crap? I like my niche culture CLASSY, thank you very much, which is when I fire up an episode of Hoarders from my DVR.

To be fair, Mike Portnoy definitely isn’t a hoarder — more of an OCD collector of the highest order, with everything organized perfectly. But holy crap, look at all that stuff!!! For a guy who admits to bringing 5 iPods on the road with him, I wonder how often he actually touches those CDs anymore? The real reason for any music dork to watch this Sabian-filmed video, though, is of course to ogle at Portnoy’s personal drum room — tons and tons and tons of goodies, of which he explains them all. Worth the 8-minute watch, for sure.


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