• Axl Rosenberg

In case you somehow didn’t hear, Whitney Houston is with Dime now. And while there was actually a very nice outpouring of sentiment from the glam metal world, the more extreme corners of our community have remained mostly quiet…

…save for Agnostic Front, whose guitarist, Vinnie Stigma, led a concert audience in a stirring rendition of “I Will Always Love You” this past Sunday night in the Netherlands, even adding a touching “Fuck you, bitch!” at the end. What a eugooglizer! Check out video below — the incident in question happens right at the start:

So, here’s the thing. I’m sure some of you are offended by Stigma’s behavior. And I get that. There’s really no need to speak ill of the dead in this instance — even if you didn’t enjoy Houston’s music (and I, for one, didn’t), there’s really no denying that she was a talented singer. And, really, what did she do that’s so awful? Star in The Bodyguard? Marry the dude from the “Humpin’ Around” video? Overdose on prescription meds? How did these things really impact you, make your life worse?

The thing is, I’m not offended. Mostly, I just think what Stigma did was silly — not in a “ha ha,” kinda way, but in a sophomoric way. But this is metal (or, uh, hardcore, in this case)! People do silly shit all the time. Whatever. Stigma’s behavior is, frankly, just too dumb to warrant offense. It is, in every way, not worth getting worked up about.

Discuss in the comments section below. What do you think of Stigma’s ode to Houston?


Thanks to Ben Alden for the link to the video.

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