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Graf Orlock are surely one of the most invigorating grind bands on the scene today; not only is their music as mercilessly murderous as you’d want it to be, but their incorporation of elements from action films is brilliant, often completely recontextualizing the band’s music, rather than just allowing listeners to indulge in “Oh I get that reference”-style lulz. Takes their new EP, Los Angeles, for example: it’s available with three different versions of the cover art, all by the band’s own drummer, Alan Hunter, and all referencing Michael Mann’s classic 1995 L.A. crime saga, Heat. The movie isn’t just about cops n’ robbers — it’s about men who are incapable of putting human relationships before their professional commitments. Knowing that, it’s hard to listen to this new EP, which is named after AN ENTIRE CITY and features songs with titles like “No Attachments,” and think that Graf Orlock may be getting at concepts about modern society that are a little bigger than “It’s funny when Al Pacino screams for no discernible reason.”

MetalSucks is proud to bring you three awesome debuts from Graf Orlock today: the track “Couple Seeking Comfort/No Point” from Los Angeles, all three covers that will be available for the EP, and dates for the band’s upcoming Asian and European tours. Vitriol Records will release Los Angeles on April 10; pre-orders don’t go live until March 10, but we recommend that you set a reminder for yourself bookmark the pre-order page right now. Because only six-hundred copies of Los Angeles will be pressed, each one featuring ACTUAL BULLET HOLES shot into the cover by Graf Orlock frontman Jason Schmidt. (What else did you expect from the bands whose previous releases turned into a boombox and came wrapped in a Facehugger from Alien?) You can check out the first of the three covers at the top of this post; the new track, tour dates, and other covers are all after the jump.You can click on any the covers to see ’em full-sized, in all their glory.

Now, enjoy “Couple Seeking Comfort/No Point”:

[this streaming promotion has ended]

And here are the alternate covers for the Los Angeles EP:

And here are those tour dates!

Graf Orlock
* w/ Dangers

24 Yokohama, Japan *
25 Shinjyuku, Japan *
27 Nishiogikubo, Japan *
28 Yokosuka, Japan *
29 Kyoto, Japan *
30 Nagoya, Japan *
31 Osaka, Japan *

29 Berlin, Germany
30 Cry Me A River Fest, Versmold, Germany

1 Hamburg, Germany
2 Njimegen, Netherlands
3 Lille, France
4 Caen, France
5 Paris, France
6 Koln, Germany
7 New Noise Fest, Karlsruhe, Germany
8 Liege, Belgium
9 Brighton, UK
10 Manchester, UK
11 Norwich, UK
12 London, UK
13 Merksplas, Belgium
14 Groningen, Netherlands
15 Trier, Germany
16 Darmstadt, Germany
17 Munich, Germany
18 Prague, Czech
19 Bratislava, Slovakia
20 Fluff Fest, Rokycany, Czech
21 Ziar nad Hronom, Slovakia
22 Budapest, Hungary
23 Novi Sad, Serbia
24 Skopje, Macedonia
25 Zagreb, Croatia
26 Ljubljana, Slovenia
27 Vienna, Austria
28 Dresden, Germany
29 Liepzig, Germany

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