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Even though The Pilgrimage is the band’s second album, and even though guitarist/vocalist Thérèse Lanz was briefly the bassist for KEN Mode, Mares of Thraces were really not on my radar until I read Daniel Lake’s Pilgrimage review in the May issue of Decibel, which is both funny and full of arresting imagery. In fact, that review persuaded me to move The Pilgrimage to the top of my “Promos I Need to Listen To” list. And now I owe Mr. Lake a drink or something, because this album rules.

The bass-less Canadian duo play hard-hitting, sludgy noise rock full of nightmarish riffs and venomous, seething vocals that perpetually make it sound as though Lanz’s throat is being melted with acid; there are slower, moodier sections, too, which I don’t love quite as much, much are still dark and atmospheric and a cut above most bands indulging in this style of metal. Really, I almost feel as though all I really need to tell you is that they have a song on the album called “The Goat Thief,” and that said song sounds INCREDIBLY EVIL. They’re that kind of band, y’know?

The Pilgrimage will be released on April 24 via Sonic Unyon, but if you head over to Brooklyn Vegan, you can stream the track “The Gallwasp,” plus get tour dates. I’m really stoked on this album right now, and can’t wait to check ’em out live. Hope you dig ’em, too.



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