Hipsters Out Of Metal!



It’s awesome when an awesome band makes awesome record. Then, it’s super-awesome when they combat dangerous expectations for its follow-up via an awesome addition (another guitarist!) and a move to spotlight their frontman’s awesome songwriting skillz (producing the album themselves!). That’s smart awesome!

And that is Crazy Lixx, whose 2010 record New Religion totally ripped in that hyper-slick Adrenalize way. So for the rawer Riot Avenue (out April 24) and its first single “In The Night” (above) fans must be pumped! I sure am, cuz the new jam is great — but I’m also not, cuz its guitars are way low. Shit dude, increasing a band’s guitarist population by 100% might lead to bigger guitar tracks, not ones that require an ear-microscope to detect. Turn the shit up!


Enter the MetalSucks March Is Metal Month contest for a chance to win a monster prize pack, including jamz from Crazy Lixx, Lacuna Coil, and Suicide Silence. Riot Avenue can be pre-ordered here and I think here.

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