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Hey so remember when Dreaming Dead were s’posed to put out a new album called Midnightmares last year and then they were like “Oh no never mind it’s not coming out ’til 2012?” And how now it’s 2012 and we still haven’t heard anything about it?

Well, now we’ve heard something about it.

It looks like the album will finally come out sometime next month. And while it’s completed, it’s done, and a digital release is assured, the band has now launched a Kickstarter page to raise $5k to press CD and vinyl copies as well. Here’s a funny video on the subject:

As always with these kinds of things, the more money you pledge, the more you get, and items up for grabs (in addition to copies of the record itself, duh) include stickers, t-shirts, chances to have the band play at your house (seriously), and Fernandes Guitars from Dreaming Dead’s Elizabeth Schall (also seriously). So if you want a physical copy of this album, well, this is certainly a good cause!

Get more info and pledge here.


Thanks: Justin

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