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I’ve never heard this before, but apparently back in ’03, Metallica were working on* “a post apocalyptic racing” video game. A teaser trailer for the game was even created, and included with some copies of St. Anger (I guess not mine):

I have no idea why the game was abandoned — it may have had something to do with St. Anger‘s poor reception — but in any case, concept art for the thing has now leaked online. Like the above photo of James Hetfield as bazooka-toting Mad Max wannabe, and this equally ridiculous illustration of Kirk Hammett as a homeless person:

Also, I think that maybe this is supposed to be Lars, but I’m not sure:

There doesn’t seem to be one of Rob Trujillo, I guess because he’s not a real member of Metallica.

ANYWAY… yeah, this whole concept is so ridiculous. Never mind that it has nothing to do with music — why would we need to pretend that the members of Metallica are gun toting badasses? Like, being multi-millionaire rockstars isn’t cool enough?

You can check out more art here, although the rest of it is just miscellaneous characters that have even less to do with Metallica than those drawings of Metallica do.


*By which I mean some video game designers/dorks/whatever were working on.

[via Metal Injection]

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