• Gary Suarez

LET’S MAKE MINA CAPUTO ONE OF REVOLVER‘S HOTTEST CHICKS IN HARD ROCKBy now, many of you have seen photos of Life Of Agony’s Mina (nee Keith) Caputo’s provocative shoot with photographer Jeremy Saffer. LOA’s influence on contemporary metal and hardcore cannot be overstated, and — unless you’re part of the Mustaine-Santorum homophobes club — Caputo’s coming out as a transitioning transgendered person shouldn’t change your opinion of her invaluable contributions to heavy music. Hell, I’m listening to River Runs Red right now; why the fuck aren’t you?

In response to some of my recent Twitter grousing, a dear friend suggested that I nominate Caputo for Revolver Magazine‘s ‘Hottest Chicks In Hard Rock’ feature. Now, critics including myself have gone on record in opposition to the feature, charging that it’s sexist and exploitative, downplaying the vital and vibrant role of women in metal to little more than mere eye candy. In defense, Revolver‘s editor-in-chief Brandon Geist has countered that the piece is meant to celebrate and empower those who choose to be models. No matter where you stand on this, I’d posit that one way to help mend that rift would be for Revolver to adopt a more inclusive policy and consider transgendered people for the feature. With a long history in this scene and a demonstrated willingness to take eye-popping pictures, Caputo would be the ideal inaugural TS entrant.

And so, I’ve started a petition, which I encourage all of you to sign. You’ll be in good company, as Caputo’s former Life Of Agony bandmate Alan Robert has already added his John Hancock. Not bad, right?


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