Vince is fanatical about Dream Theater; I am not. That being said, I have seen them live three times and had fun at every show (in fact, seeing them live is what really won me over that they were a worthwhile band), and I certainly respect them, even if sometimes I have the same complaints about their music that a lot of people have (James LaBrie sucks, songs are too long, James LaBrie sucks, even I’m not that big of a dork, James LaBrie sucks).

My point being that while I don’t believe Dream Theater are holier than holy — I wasn’t too offended when Mastodon put them down in a 2006 interview — I do believe that any musician who steps to them oughta be able to back his shit up, and should not, say, be responsible for writing the song “No Sex.” And yet Wes Borland, the Limp Bizkit guitarist who wrote that very song, did just that over the weekend, taking to Twitter and enraging IMNs everywhere with the following comments:

“Please explain to me what there is to like about Dream Theatre. Please. I accept your challenge. Maybe”

“…I know I’m in Limp Bizkit, one of the most hated bands in the world. But those guys can NOT write songs. Not a band.”

“…Musicians are not mathematicians. Feeling and soul over technique and speed. Not buying it and never will.”

“Enjoy Dream Theatre everyone! What a fantastic…. thing.”

“I wish I had never talked about Dream Theater, because now I have to think about them. At least their songs don’t get stuck in your head!”

“You see, the great thing about being in the most hated band in the world, is you can say whatever you want without fear of more hatred.”

Pretty funny to hear a dude a) whose breakout hit was a cover accuse DT of being unable to write good songs, and b) whose most famous performance is on a song called “Nookie” say that DT lacks “feeling and soul.” At least he had the good sense not to put down John Petrucci’s guitar chops, I guess.

Still, I did find this exchange, which occurred after Borland professed that Bizkit are “the most hated band in the world,” pretty funny:

Hey, don’t put yourself down, Wes! I hate Nickelsuck as much as the next guy, but I’ll take them over Limp Suckit any day of the week. At least they write songs, y’know?


[via The PRP]

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