Hipsters Out Of Metal!


  • Anso DF

It freaks me out when dudes are just against new thrash metal bands. Like, across the board, no exceptions, fuck retro-thrash, they say. And often they’re super-buttsore, as if being forced to relive the clear beverage craze or some other cynical ’80s thing. Weird.

But some new thrash bands kinda invite scorn. Take Bonded By Blood, a solid band that screwed up a bit by taking the name of a classic thrash album. To many, it’s cheating to associate your band so plainly with something beloved, and a use of Exodus’ work as a shortcut — intentional or not. I mean, it’s like if Paramore had choosen the name Twilight. Or if Ben & Jerry’s unveiled a flavor called Fat Is Beautiful You’ll Find Someone Special Soon. Pandering, right?

So Bonded By Blood might have to work harder to earn our attention. But their new jam “Restless Mind” jams pretty hard! The post-Death Magnetic sonics make my vagina cry — so clamped down — but maybe drugz will make it easy to ignore that. What u think?


“Restless Mind” from Bonded By Blood’s forthcoming third album The Aftermath can be downloaded free here (email address required boooo). The Aftermath is out July 3 on Earache Records. Pre-order it here.

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