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UPDATE, 3:14 pm: I just saw on Metal Insider that Slash now says Scott Weiland isn’t back in Velvet Revolver. HOLY SHIT, IS IT POSSIBLE TWO SEPARATE MEMBERS OF THE BAND CAN’T EVEN AGREE ON WHO’S IN THE FUCKING BAND?!?! This is quickly going to turn into a swell piece of entertainment, I can tell. Stay tuned for more…

What’s the difference between Scott Weiland and Axl Rose? Axl Rose is so fucking crazy that even the lure of money can’t get him to put the old Guns N’ Roses back together; Scott Weiland is just sane enough to know a good deal when he sees it. And so, four years after he split with the band and four months after rumors of his return began, Scott Weiland tells ABC News Radio that, yes, he has re-joined Velvet Revolver. He also said that he’s beginning songwriting sessions with bassist Duff McKagan and rhythm guitarist Not Izzy Stradlin next week, and that the band will begin to tour later in the summer, after Slash has done some touring of his own for his new solo album, Apocalyptic Love.

So is this anti-climactic news, or does it make you happy? Look: I think Weiland is a putz, but he’s a good front man, so it’s hard for me to hear this news and think “Aw, bummer.” On the other hand, I was kinda stoked to hear what Velvet Revolver might sound like with a vocalist who has a more Axl Rose-esque range; to some extent, Weiland can never really wail the way Rose, or even Slash’s current solo vocalist, Myles Kennedy, can.

But like I said… I don’t think this is really bad news. If VR can write a good album, well, really, it’s all gonna be a moot point.

I think the real question is, what, if anything, does this mean for Stone Temple Pilots? I don’t think it’s inconceivable that Weiland could sing for both bands, but who knows. If we’re really, truly blessed, maybe we’ll get an Army of Anyone reunion out of this too. Now THAT would make my dick hard.

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